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Talybont Lead Mine

Also known as Alltycrib mine, the workings date back to pre-roman times and the mine and its surrounds have yielded both copper and lead. The latter formed the bulk of the metal extracted from the 19th century. The mine can be accessed by an air shaft and a couple of adits. A major project a few years ago cleared a blockage in the air shaft allowing access to the deep levels. A further project was started to try and gain access to the far reaches of the deep adit, but this had to be abandoned for safety reasons.

David Roberts has kindly supplied the following GPS cordinates which will help explorers find the entrances:

Wilkinson's Adit: SN 65096 89396
Air Shaft: SN 65354 89379

The work on stabising the shaft is complete. Mine fully open. See aditnow site for photos!

Talybont Mine Risk Assessment

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